Make a donation

Donations are acknowledged in the year they are made and in the subsequent year.

All donors who wish to be named are listed on the website and annually in 'The Sharp Edge' publication

  • Benefactors  over $5000
  • Gold donors  $3000-$4999
  • Silver donors  $1000 - $2999
  • Bronze donors up to  $999

A donation to Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand can be made by:

  • Direct deposit to National Bank 06 0501 0042241 00
  • Payroll Giving

    If your employer files its EMS (IR348) and EDF (IR345) forms electronically, and if they are happy to participate, an employee can make donations direct from their pay with the tax rebate already credited*. You will need supply your employer with the following:

    • the name of the donee organisation: CHOIRS AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND TRUST
    • the amount of the donation you want to make
    • the pay period or periods you want the donation to be made, and
    • the donee organisation’s bank account details: National Bank account number 06 0501 0042241 00

    *In other words if you decide to contribute $30 a month to your chosen charity, only $20 of it will be deducted from your pay. This avoids the annual filing of a claim and spreads the donation over a period.

  • For overseas donations, in addition to the above you will require:
      • our bank's address: 170-186 Featherstone Street, Wellington, NewZealand
      • the SWIFT code: ANZBNZ22  

Cheques to be sent to Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand Trust, Po Box 25025, Wellington 6146.

Please use name as reference and email with address for receipt

NB The facility to make payments by Fundraise Online is not currently available.


Adam Foundation
Gillian & Roderick Deane
Professor Peter Godfrey
Trevor and Carol Kempton


Armishaw Family
Carol Kendall
Helen Angus
Jeremy Commons
Margaret Mabbett
Richard Sorrenson


A Mckinnon & W E Ryan
A R Edmonds
Allan & Jean Grylls
Ann Wylie
Barbara Clark
Christopher Marshall
Constance Robertshawe
D J Jull
David Hamilton
E H Raynor
E P Haigh
Elizabeth Marshall
Fay Pankhurst
Felicity Letcher
Gillian Kendrick
Heather Corporaal
Helen Baines
Helen P Gallot
Helen Young
Ineke Woodward
J T Lecky
Jillian Bray
Jim Lovell-Smith and Valerie Wycoff
Joan Wilkinson
Jordan Giesige
Judy Berryman
Kent McIntosh
Linda Webb
Margaret Cull
Margaret Mabbett
Margery Charlton
Mary Wade
N A Carroll
Neville Falconer
P T Young
Paddy Nash
Patricia Cameron
Patricia Payne
Pauline Schweder
Professor Emeritus Athol Mann
Prudence Mikes
Richard & Molly Rainey
Ruth Morton
S C Lees-Jeffries
Shirley Day

Donations made in memory of David Carson Parker

Bruce & Margaret Carson
Jeremy Commons (Silver)
Stephen Park & Ross Bernay

Alumni Donations of the 2013 NZYC Tour of USA & Canada 


Alumni from NZYC Tour of 1982

  • Stephen Park
  • Oliver Drennan 
  • Peter Adams 
  • Anthony Ritchie 
  • Roseanne Webb
  • Robin Averill
  • Diana Cable
  • Christine Argyle
  • Juliet Dreaver
  • Amanda Vernon
  • Annabelle Cheetham 

Alumni from NZYC Tour of 1988

  • Toni Wilson
  • Ros Emeleus

Alumni from NZYC Tour of 1993

  • Tecwyn Evans 
  • Hilary Barry

Alumni from NZYC Tour of 1996

  • Hester Lees-Jeffries
  • Christopher Bowen 
  • Jacqueline Coats 
  • Andrea Cochrane 

Alumni from NZYC Tour of 1999

  • Lauren Armishaw
  • Sarah Walmsley

Alumni from NZYC Tour of 2001

  • Jenny Kempton
  • Anna Leese
  • Eveline Harvey

Alumni from NZYC Tour of 2007

  • Lee Densem
  • Chris Bruerton

Alumnus Gift 

  • Sally Anderson 
  • Virginia Rawlinson

Total of Alumni Donations - $9,175