Voices NZ Chamber Choir, Festival Dunedin, October 2014. [Photo: Pieter du Plessis]
The girls at Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA
Voices colleagues [Photo: Robert Catto]
New Zealand Youth Choir, Parliament House, Wellington, July 3 2013 [Photo: Matt Grace]
Trio at Long Beach


Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand's purpose is to create, nurture and promote vocal excellence in choral singing.

Our objective is to sustain and promote two complementary but distinct choirs. An internationally renowned professional choir - Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir and a youth choir which inspires and develops New Zealand extraordinary young talent, the nationally selected New Zealand Youth Choir.

Upcoming Events

Voices NZ in Australia Sun 19 October
In November 2014 Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir will visit Sydney and Melbourne.
Voices NZ Chamber Choir and the NZ Youth Choir make a major contribution to the Auckland Festival in March 2015.


"This was indeed a never-to-be-forgotten experience for all who attended" - Otago Daily Times.
‘Voice of the soul’ has been nominated in the Best Classical Album 2014 category at the NZ Music Awards.

Featured Alumni

Anthony Ritchie is a well known NZ composer and a senior lecturer in composition at the University of Otago in Dunedin.


Fine Tune - September 2014 edition
Fine Tune - August 2014 edition